Little cocoon nebula

A small but enchanting denizen of the Milky Way, Sh2-82 is a beautiful cloud of gas and dust consisting of an emission nebula enveloped by a hazy reflection nebula. It is embedded in the dark nebula LDN 727 and is the site of some star formation and young stellar objects (YSO). Located at a distance of approximately 3600 light years, Sh2-82 is ionized by the star HD 231616, which can be seen near the centre.

Newton ASA10″
Paramount MyT
Canon Ra at 800ISO
Total exposure : 23hrs
Autoguiding by EvoStar72ED and ASI120mm
Softwares :BackyardEOS, TheSkyX pro, Maxpilote, PixInsight, AstropixelProcessor and Photoshop.

Autore: Thomas LELU (sito)