PN G020.9-11.3

A faint circular diffuse evolved planetary nebula in the constellation of Sagittarius. I believe that this is the first colour photograph of this object, and the first amateur photograph taken.
It was discovered on 29 June 1998 by the MASH (Macquarie/AAO/Strasbourg H-Alpha) team using the Anglo-Australian Observatory UK Schmidt Telescope (AAO/UKST) H-alpha survey.

Because it is so faint the narrowband data was captured at bin 3×3.
The central star of the planetary nebula (CSPN) is clear visible as the blue star that is dead centre.

Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 373, 79-94 published November 2006.

Capture details:

Astrodon 5nm H-Alpha filter: 20×1800″ bin 3×3
Astrodon 3nm OIII filter: 17×1800″ bin 3×3
Astrodon Blue: 10×300″ bin 1×1
Astrodon Green: 11×300″ bin 1×1
Astrodon Red: 11×300″ bin 1×1
Total integration: 23 hours
Captured on my dual rig in Spain.
Scopes: APM TMB LZOS 152 (6″ aperture 1200mm focal length)
Cameras: QSI6120wsg8
Mount 10Micron GM2000 HPS

Autore: Peter Goodhew (sito)