Jellyfish Nebula in Hubble Palette

Jellyfish nebula complex (IC443, Sh2-248 & Sh2-249) is a supernova remnant paired together with a molecular cloud of weak amission, in constellation Gemini.
30.5 hours of total integration

Takahashi FS60 + reducer 0.72x = 255mm F4
Atik 460ex mono
Orion Atlas EQ-G with 6″ extention, on tripod
StarlightXpress FW + OAG
Altair GPcam2 (guiding)
Filters Baader Planetarium:
S2 = 26×1200″
Ha = 46×900″
O3 = 20×1800″
Pix + PS
Sky Bortle 6-7
Carretera Nacional, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Feb-Mar 2020

Autore: Pavel Vorobiev (sito)