Eastern Veil Nebula ngc 6992

This photo was taken on June 24, 2019 from one of my favorite places in Menorca, the Talayotic town of Son Catlar in Ciutadella. A total of 5 hours of exposure make up this beautiful image with 38 shots of Ha and 38 shots of 0III, on a HOO palette.

My equipment: Skywatcher ED80 Black Diamond – 0.85X corrector / reducer SW ED80 – EQ6 R- ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro – ZWO 8×1.25 “filter wheel – Omegon Pro Ha 12nm 1.25” filter – Omegon Pro OIII 12nm 1.25 “filter

Software: PHD2 Guiging – Sequence Generator Pro – DeepSkyStacker – Adobe Photoshop CC2015 – Annie’s astro actions – Astronomy tools – Gradient Xterminator – HLVG – Nick’s collection

Autore: Lorenzo Taltavull Menéndez (sito)