The Integrated Flux Nebula surrounding M81 and M82

Nebulosa a flusso integrato che circonda M81 e M82
Quest’ultimo mio processo dall’Osservatorio Grand Mesa è stato catturato per 3 notti a gennaio 2019 utilizzando la fotocamera CMOS a colori One Shot QHY367C Full Frame. Nel corso degli anni ho fotografato le deboli “Nebulose a flusso integrato” e “Arp’s Loop” molte volte, ma penso che questa sia probabilmente la mia immagine più profonda di quest’area, ma resa possibile facendo esposizioni più lunghe di 10 minuti, anche molte sono visibili galassie distanti e deboli.

The Integrated Flux Nebula surrounding M81 and M82
This latest process of mine from Grand Mesa Observatory was captured over 3 nights in January 2019 using the QHY367C Full Frame One Shot Color CMOS camera. Over the years I have photographed the very faint “Integrated Flux Nebulae” and “Arp’s Loop” many times but I think this is quite possibly my deepest image of this area yet made possible by doing longer 10 minute exposures, also visible are the many very distant and faint galaxies.

To read more about the IFN, read this article by my good friend Brian Ventrudo…

Telescope used was the Takahashi FSQ 130 F5 APO Refractor “System 1” on Grand Mesa Observatory’s January subscriptions.

Total Integration Time 11.5 hours

Technical Information

Location:, Purdy Mesa, Colorado

Captured January 1st, 6th 13th 2019

QHY367C Full Frame One Shot Color COLDMOS cooled to -20C

Size: 7376 x 4938 pixels

Pixel Size: 4.88um x 4.88um

Gain 2850, Offset 76

Darks, Bias and Flat Calibration

69 x 600 sec

Optics: Holloway Takahashi FSQ-130

Paramount ME German Equatorial Mount

Image Acquisition Maxim DL

Pre Processing Pixinsight

Post Processing Photoshop CC

Synthetic Star Spikes created by StarSpikes Pro

Autore: Terry Hancock (sito)